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The Art of the Hook-Up Podcast is your guide to a successful sex life. It’s all about having a great hook-up: finding the people that are right for you, having amazing sex, and walking away feeling good about yourself.

Episode 10: Wish I’d known! With Eva Sless.

This podcast episode is all about the sex advice I wish I’d learned earlier. If I could hop in a time machine and go back to when I was eighteen, or twenty, or twenty-five, I’d have SO much to say to my younger self! Also joining me on this time travel journey is Eva Sless – a writer, sex worker and the author of ‘A Teen Girls’ Guide to Getting Off.’

Episode 9: How to have the perfect threesome. Featuring Alice Grey.

You might think threesomes are something that only happen in porn or in the movies, but more and more folks these days are experimenting with the ménage-a-trois. How can we get a threesome happening? And how do we make sure it goes well? This episode seeks to answer these questions, with the help of independent escort Alice Grey.

Episode 8: Will asking for consent make me look like a loser? Featuring Gus.

This episode is about sexual consent – how we talk about it, how we do it, and how we can use it for better hook-ups. I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I’m hanging out with Gus this arvo, and we’re going have an honest chat about how we do consent and how we could be doing it better.

Consent isn't a chore... it's a must-have skill for great sex.

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