Podcast Episode 25: Difficult dating conversations, featuring Justine, ‘Your Friendly Ghostwriter’

Often, the most difficult part of dating is the conversations that we know we need to have, but that are incredibly awkward. Things like refusing a second date or ending a relationship might feel impossible to discuss, so instead we run for the hills.


But there’s a better way. Justine is an expert in finding the right words for sticky situations. She writes beautiful breakup

messages on Instagram under the handle @_good.byes_ and calls herself ‘Your Friendly Ghostwriter’ and in this episode, she joins us to share her secrets for tackling the big conversations

and making sure you’re heard.


Guest Bio

Justine Ang Fonte, M.Ed, MPH, is a single New Yorker and perturbed veteran of the dating apps, Justine teaches intersectional sexuality education to kids and explains those words to adults. She is the Founder and Director of Health & Wellness at a K-12 school in New York City for the last 9 years and has been speaking across the United States on porn literacy, consent, and beauty standards for the last 5 years. She received her Master’s in Education in Teaching from the University of Hawai’i and her Master’s in Public Health in Sexuality from Columbia University. She captained the Women’s Tennis Team at UC San Diego in college.

You can find Justine watching reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when she’s not baking up new recipes in her kitchen. Check out her website for more info about her career.

She’s the creator of the Instagram account @_good.byes (‘Your Friendly Ghostwriter’) where she crafts break-up messages to suit almost every imaginable dating scenario…and if there’s not yet a template for it, you can DM her with a custom request.

Episode Transcript

Transcript coming soon.

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