About Georgie Wolf

Georgie is an Australian escort, writer, and educator with a mission: to make sex and online dating enjoyable for everyone.

"For most of my life, I struggled with bad dates, bad sex. Then something changed... I became an escort, and learned the secrets to a successful hook up."

Georgie Wolf is a writer, sex educator, and independent escort from Melbourne, Australia. She writes, blogs, speaks, teaches, and coaches, to bring more sex-positivity and sexpertise into the world.

Her book ‘The Art of the Hook Up’ teaches straightforward, ethical skills for successful online dating – honesty, connection, and consent. Georgie shares these skills via her articles for mainstream media and in her workshops for Laneway Learning and Curious Creatures. She has also appeared on guest speaker panels at the Progress 2019 conference, RMIT University and Deakin University, Geelong.




Guest Appearances