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Aussie escort Georgie Wolf shares the secrets to finding the right people, having amazing sex, and making the world a better place.
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Pick up skills

No tricks! Just ethical strategies for connection.

Sex skills

Guides for confidence and better sex.

Online dating

Navigate the wild world of dating apps.

Hook-up culture is bigger than ever, but few of us are getting what we want.

My name is Georgie – I’m a writer, Australian escort, and HUGE hook-up enthusiast.

My online dating adventures – and my professional experiences as a sex worker – have taught me some useful strategies for getting to know people and having amazing sex. It’s not rocket science! All it takes is the right attitude, and a little practice.

How do I find the right people? How do I flirt without being creepy? Is it okay to walk away afterwards? Let’s find the answers to these questions, and more…

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