My Melbourne workshops are designed for everyone, no matter your level of confidence or experience. I teach practical skills for connecting with the people that are right for you.

Location: Melbourne  Cost: $75
Date: TBA, 2021 | 6:30-9:30

An Introduction to Ethical Hook-Ups

Nowadays, hook-up culture is bigger than ever. Online dating gives us access to thousands of potential partners at the touch – or swipe – of a button. But many of us still aren’t getting exactly what we want. Stories of disrespect and disappointment are common. ‘An Introduction to Ethical Hook-Ups’ is a crash course in better casual sex, with straightforward skills for finding the right partners, making genuine connections, and negotiating sexual encounters that leave everyone better off.

Date: TBA

Healthy Hook-Ups and Dating for Everybody

Hooking up: does it ever work? Sometimes we feel we’re missing out – it seems everyone else is having better sex. How do we put ourselves ‘out there’ and find partners, without harming ourselves or others? Good sex is not just for the young, confident, and conventionally attractive. Whether you find your partners online or offline, no matter your age, gender or level of experience; we can use our skills to create safety, make friends, and ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

Date: TBA

Perfect Your Online Dating Profile

Are you searching online for your perfect match? Setting up your online dating profile is easy, if you know how. This class will take you beyond the basics, using the power of ‘niche marketing’ to help you attract the people who are right for you. These days, it seems every single person has a profile on a dating website or app. But getting started can be tricky – from photos to bios, what sort of information does one need, to snag the perfect date? This class walks you through the process of creating a dating profile to target the people who are right for you, using tried-and-true marketing principles.