Podcast Episode 26: Hooking up as a couple, featuring Imogen and Andy

There’s a saying in the alternative sex scene: ‘Couples that play together, stay together.’ Obviously that might not always be true…but dating – or hooking up – as a couple definitely works for some! Today you have the chance to hear two sides of the story. I’ve had quite a few adventures with couples, it’s something I really enjoy. And today I’m also speaking with Imogen and Andy, who love picking up together. I can’t wait to compare notes, find out how they work as a team, and explore what we all need to have a good experience. 

Guest Bio

Imogen and Andy are my favourite kind of sexual adventurers. They’re a smart, open couple who have taken to the Interwebs to share their hard-earned knowledge about sex, dating, and life in general. Andy produces The Inner Winner Show Podcast, a resource for straight guys that rewrites the standard pick-up artist approach to include vulnerability, honesty and self-improvement.


Links mentioned in this episode:

It’s you and me on the same team.” (Podcast episode)
How to have threesomes.” (blog post)

Episode Transcript

Transcript coming soon.

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