Podcast Episode 27: ‘How I recovered from nice guy syndrome’, with Jordan Hackett

We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the ‘nice guy’ – that straight bloke who bends over backwards to do favours for women, and expects attention in return. I’d like to introduce you to another kind of ‘nice guy’ – one who hides their sexual needs, feelings and desires for fear of offending or hurting others. Jordan Hackett is a sex coach and sexological bodyworker, and he’s also a recovered ‘nice guy’ of the latter variety. In this episode of the podcast, he’s joining us to share his story, and talk about the benefits of healthy, respectful sexual expression.

Guest Bio

Jordan Hackett is a men’s sex coach and sexological bodyworker based in Melbourne, Australia. He’s passionate about growth, authenticity and helping men to create the lives they really want to live. Website | Instagram



Episode Transcript

Transcript coming soon.

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