Podcast Episode 7: Sex workers share the secrets to better sex! Featuring Frankie.

When it comes to having better sex, sex workers really know their sh*t. I’m talking with stripper and Tantric masseuse Frankie and we’ll be sharing the positive impact our work has had on our sex lives and the lives of others.

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Crushed by Rejection on Vacation

Sometimes a hook-up is everything I need: interesting, emotionally connected, sexy as fuck. It’s these interludes that restore my faith in the process. Even though it’s hit-and-miss, it’s totally possible to have brief encounters that fulfill my needs – amazing connections that are no less valuable for being brief.

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Morale Boost

How to Survive the Rejectionocalypse

Rejection resilience is a worthy skill to learn – the more practised you become at avoiding the rejectionocalypse, the quicker you’re able to move on and have better experiences.

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