The Art of the Hook Up

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‘The Art of the Hook-Up’ is a non-fiction, self-help book that teaches the skills and attitudes necessary for a successful sex life. 


Launch date: 17th September, 2019
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Key topics: Casual sex, consent, online dating, relationships.
Availability: E-book via Amazon, paperback via standard retailers.

Key Features

  • Written by Georgie Wolf, a sex worker from Melbourne, Australia
  • A straightforward guide to sex and online dating for all ages and genders.
  • Focuses on ethical dating skills: honesty, consent, communication, and connection.
  • Teaches that sex can be healthy, if it’s done in way that leaves everyone better off.

The Story

Escort Georgie Wolf has eight years’ experience in meeting the needs of her clients. Her discovery that connection, consent, and communication lead to a better sex life inspired her to write ‘The Art of the Hook-Up,’ a self-help guide to casual sex and online dating for everyone.

"There is a need for this book... I recommend the shit out of it."

"No-nonsense advice from Australia's most authentic sex expert."

Alita Brydon, founder of Bad Dates of Melbourne

"It's probably the most readable guide of its kind I've ever come across."

About the Author

Georgie Wolf is an Aussie escort, writer and educator with a mission: to help others lead more successful sex lives.

Originally from Sydney, she has worked as an adult store salesperson, a designer of porn catalogs, and a pin-up photographer for Picture Magazine. Nowadays, she’s an independent escort based in Melbourne. She writes, blogs, speaks, and runs workshops, to bring more sex-positivity and sexpertise into the world.

“For most of my life, I struggled with bad dates, bad sex. Then something changed… I became an escort, and learned the secrets to a successful hook-up.

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