I'm super excited about the next instalment of the Art of the Hook-Up that's about to be released on my website ❤️

The bad news? The first 50 pages of the book will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE. If you haven't read it yet, hit up the website ASAP!

The 4th draft print of 'the Art of the Hook-Up' just arrived from @BlurbBooks! Literally a three working day turnaround, and that fresh print smells soooo good ❤️ Here's the unboxing video, for those who love a good package 📦 😉🎉

Good to know I've contributed to some kind of statistical significance recently.

Hey, Melbourne! How good is your hook-up game? I have some spots free in next week's class for @lanewaylearning and it's all about learning the skills that will get you laid. Tickets here: #hookups #communication #consent #sexperts