‘An Introduction to Ethical Hook-Ups’ is your crash course in successful dating. It’s not complicated – just useful lines, skills, and attitudes that help you connect with the people that are right for you.

I'm REALLY f﹡cking excited about this. I'm launching an honest-to-god ethical sex guide in September, and you're invited. Check out the deets here:

My #Melbourne 'Healthy Hook-Ups for Everybody' class with @lanewaylearning is on the 7th of August. It's short intro to hook-ups for any gender.

A good taster, if you're wondering whether to do the longer @CuriousWkshops class later in the month...

Being honest can feel terrifying, but it's an essential ingredient for a good hook-up. Daring Greatly by @BreneBrown helped me be more honest in all aspects of my life ❤

Here's a snap from the latest edit of my book.

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