Are you into the 'slap' more than the 'tickle'? If your lovemaking looks more like cage fighting, there's a chance you might be a little #kinky... This week's podcast features pro #domme @Mz_Penelope with some tips for navigating rough sex.

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Your ethical pick-up episode... thank you. It was a big help in working out where I'm at right now.

Keep it up. Loving your work. 😁

@_floss_84 This is the podcast I mentioned the other day. The host does a great job talking about the problematic ways society teaches us to flirt, play and Hookup, and gives ways to do it better. @artofthehookup #ethicalnonmonogamy #pickup #hookups

Are you stuck on the sex escalator? This week's podcast episode is all about how to ditch the script.
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