ethical skills for better sex.

The Art of the Hook Up is your straightforward guide to a successful sex life. Read the first chapter now.

"Wolf takes a friendly, non-threatening tour through everything needed for great hook-ups."

Alex Bayley

Hook-up culture is bigger than ever, but few of us are getting what we really want.

How do I know if someone is right for me? How do I flirt without being creepy? How can I avoid feeling anxious in the bedroom? Is it okay to walk away afterwards? These questions, and more, have us stumped.

In this straightforward guide, Aussie escort Georgie Wolf offers practical strategies for ethical sex and online dating. She shows how communication, consent, and connection skills can put you ahead of the competition.

Georgie Wolf

Hi, I’m Georgie! I’m a writer, sex educator, and independent escort from Melbourne, Australia.

It’s my mission to make the dating world a better place. I write, coach, and run workshops to help people from all walks of life do better at online dating and have great sex.

My work has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, on relationship blog All We Cannot Say, and by Archer Magazine. I also write for Scarlet Blue, Australia’s leading escort directory.

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