Hook-up: a sexual encounter that's too casual to be a romantic relationship.

Aussie escort Georgie Wolf shares the secrets to a successful sex life.

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Better Sex

A No-Bullsh*t Guide to Consent

Consent doesn’t need to be complicated. Ask before you do stuff, check in while you’re doing stuff, debrief afterwards … these three steps will put you ahead of the competition.

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Better Sex

5 Must-Have Sex Skills

Being great at sex doesn’t come ‘naturally’. It comes from a willingness to try new things, an openness to learning, and a bit of practice.

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Whether with a client, a lover, or a Friday night Tinder hook-up, consent allows me to travel further with confidence – which, in turn, leads to incredible sex.

This introductory class will give you an overview on how to cultivate a more adventurous sex life using connection and consent to hook up with the people who are right for you

Is there an art to the act of the hookup? On this episode, Rog (from Curious Creatures) interviews Georgie Wolf, author of a book called ‘The Art of the Hook-up’.