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‘How to Do Consent Like a F*cking Pro’ is a straightforward guide to communication for better sex. Nothing boring, just the stuff you need to know.

"I love sex, and I’ve been experimenting for years. But for much of my life I was hooking up the same way over and over: not thinking about it too hard, not talking to my partners, and not really getting it right.

What changed? I became an escort, providing sexy services in exchange for payment. As I learned the skills needed to do my job, I also discovered that talking about sex can make it incredible.

We often think of consent as getting permission - a box-ticking exercise we must complete before the fun starts. I’m here to show you that not only is consent a way to make sure everyone agrees, it’s also an amazing tool for having better sex.

Less angst, more orgasms. It’s easier than you might think..."

Georgie Wolf

Escort, writer, educator.

Hi, I’m Georgie! I’m an independent escort based in Melbourne, Australia.

My work has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, on relationship blog All We Cannot Say, and by Archer Magazine. I also write for Scarlet Blue, Australia’s leading escort directory.

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