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Launch Party: 17th September

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It’s time! After a long year of caffeine, scribbling, and Tinder right-swiping, I’m excited to present The Art of the Hook-Up: A Straightforward Guide to Ethical Intimacy. The book is launching online in September, and we’re throwing a party to celebrate.

My book ‘The Art of the Hook-Up’ is your comprehensive guide to a successful, ethical sex life. It’s a straightforward exploration of all the skills you need to find the right people, negotiate amazing sex, and go your separate ways leaving everyone feeling better off.

If you’d told me a year ago that I would write and publish a sex manual, I’d have laughed out loud. Yet here we are – the final test print arrived yesterday, and I’m 100% ready to release this book into the wild. I hope it gives you, and everyone you date, the confidence to go forth and hook up with ease!

The Art of the Hook-Up has already received some great feedback. Here’s what a some of the experts had to say:

‘Wolf gives a confidence boost to anyone looking to deliver a mind blowing performance in the bedroom. No-nonsense advice from Australia’s most authentic sex expert… and the perfect gift for your next Tinder match!’

Alita Brydon, Founder of Bad Dates of Melbourne

‘This book will teach you to navigate hook-ups like a professional without leaving you feeling overwhelmed or under-prepared. Your dating life will thank you.’

Alice Grey, Melbourne Escort

‘I recommend the shit out of this book. As a sex therapist I spend a lot of time discussing communication skills; the suggestions and examples are perfect, and apply as much to long-term relationships as to hook-ups.’

Linda Kirkman, PhD, sexologist

How to get the book

The Art of the Hook-Up will be available through Amazon on the 17th of September. Click here to place a pre-order.

The Launch Party

If you’re in Melbourne, join me for the launch party on the 17th of September. Everyone who attends will receive a signed copy of the print book, and the opportunity to download the e-book for free via Amazon. Get your launch ticket here.

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