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Sex and dating got you down? Here are some truth nuggets to brighten your day.

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Dec 2018


How to Survive the Rejectionocalypse

Rejection resilience is a learned skill. Like flexing a muscle, it gets easier the more we do it. And every time you survive a 'no' you have an opportunity to get better.


Jun 2018


When It Comes to Sex, 'Normal' is Bullshit

'Normal' is a made-up word. It doesn't serve us well, when it comes to sex and dating. If you want to find the right people for you, let your freak flag fly (or at least flap slightly in the wind...)


Jun 2018


Are Hook-Ups Bad For You?

Sometimes sex-negativity gets us down. But casual sex is a part of life - and for lots of folks it's crucial to their health, well-being and sense of adventure. I'll explain...