About Me

Hi, I'm Georgie. I'm a writer and escort in Melbourne, Australia.

When it comes to sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll, I’ve seen it all. I’m completely unshockable but still give a shit about other people – a winning combination for a career-minded sex worker.

Hailing from Sydney, I spent my twenties performing Australia-wide for the infamous Sydney Hellfire Club. I’ve worked as an adult store salesperson, a graphic designer for porn catalogues, and a pin-up photographer for Picture Magazine. Thanks to Lifeline, I’ve also picked up some training in crisis counselling.

I’ve found my forever home in Melbourne, where I work as an independent escort. I’m well into my first year of an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. My work has been published in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Professional (an outreach magazine for Sydney sex workers) and on relationship blog All We Cannot Say. I also write for Scarlet Blue, Australia’s leading escort directory.

In my free time, I enjoy listening to my friends complain about their love lives and giving impromptu lessons in consent to men on Tinder.

Hi there, I'm a person who talks about casual sex and online dating on the internet. You may remember me from such hits as "why can't we all just talk about it like adults?" and "I survived rejection 10,000 times, so can you." 😂 🙌

"I don't think we' re a good match, but thanks for chatting.."

I just dropped my typical line on Tinder, and old mate was a bit horrified. But...if nobody ever said 'no,' meeting the right partners would be impossible....
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Q1. Have you thought about #kink? What moment made you realize that #BDSM was/was not for you? #SexTalkTuesday